Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Generation Exploitation Podcast #37

Here's a radio show from the vaults I did who knows when. It popped up randomly on my Itunes and I thought it was pretty damn good. Perhaps you will agree! Listen!

Mary Tyler Moore Theme Song - Sonny Curtis
In My Room - Wild Man Fischer
In My Room (Clip) - Langley School Arts Project
In My Room - The Hollyridge Strings with Reveen
In My Room - Nancy Sinatra
Downtown - Mrs. Miller
Jim Backus Lay-Z-Boy Outtake
Love Potion #9 - Unidentified Chinese Cover
All in the Family LP (Clip) - Carroll O'Connor
Mary Tyler Moore Theme Song - Sammy Davis Jr.
Thornton T's Off - 1960 Aud
io Year Book
The Intruder - The Ventures
Bob and Ray on a Platter - Bob and Ray
Keep Your Restrooms Clean, Men - Red Lion Gasoline Promo
Boy Wonder, I Love You - Burt Ward
A Hard Days Night - Peter Sellers  
Blue Food - George Carlin
I Won't Be the Same Without Her - The Monkees 
If the Bomb Falls, A Recorded Guide to Survival

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