Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Smothers Brothers Show (1965) - Footage Offline - 09/15/10

I kinda like this failed sitcom starring The Smothers Brothers. Of course, I've always been a big fan of the brothers because their act is hilarious, but have also been a big fan of Tom Smothers for his mind and political perspective. I'm glad to have been able to talk to him on several occasions. Go see them live, if you have the chance, before it's too late. Watch two more episodes of this rarity by clicking on The Smothers Brothers Show subject line below. This is a show that Tommy assures me will never ever be on DVD. However, in an eccentric move, Season Three of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour comes to DVD this fall, followed by the first and second or second and first.

The Joey Bishop Show with guest star Bobby Rydell (1963) - Footage Offline - 09/13/09

Here we have the season premiere of season three of The Joey Bishop Show, which originally aired in color. If this show is such a dud, and it is considered as such by every book on sitcoms and old TV I've ever picked up, how did it manage to last four seasons!? Still, it's an always fascinating curio... in small doses. This one is far better than most as Joe Besser's obnoxious and unlikable character doesn't show up and ruin the whole thing as usual. You can watch a couple more episodes of this sitcom by clicking on The Joey Bishop Show tag below.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Joker's Wild (1978)

A rather incredible clip - as game shows go, anyway.

Frank Sinatra Spectacular (1965) - Footage Offline - 09/10/10

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rap About It with guest Dick Gregory (1975)

The John Forsythe Show (1965)

Just how many failed sitcoms did Guy Marks do? There is a line in the opening teaser where Elsa Manchester says, "I must talk to you about Norma Jean's diction problem," but I swear I had to play it over several times because I was certain I heard, "I must talk to you about Norma Jean's addiction problem," which would have been a strange line for a 1965 NBC sitcom, obscure or not.

Wonderful World of Wheels (1967)

To Tell the Truth (1968)

The Love Boat with guest stars Gene Rayburn and Fannie Flagg (1979)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Dating Game with contestant Steve Martin (1968)

The Family Game (1967)

The Second Annual Daytime Emmy Awards (1975)

Can't think of too many things that should be on TV less than Bert Convy singing.

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson with guest Patty Duke (1985)

You Asked For It (1953)

Break the Bank (1976)

Bingo at Home (1957)

Hollywood's Talking (1973)

The Desilu Playhouse (1958)

It's Your Bet with guest Imogene Coca (1970)

Famous Steve Allen Miscellania - Footage Offline - 11/18/10

I'll Bet with host Jack Narz (1965)

Norm Crosby's Comedy Shop with guest Sandy Baron (1980)

Norm Crosby's Comedy Shop with guest Jackie Vernon (1980)

The Hollywood Palace with host Phyllis Diller and guests The Fifth Dimension, Phil Harris, Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello (1967)

The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show (1961)

In color, with The Peanuts for Ford.

The Tab Hunter Show (1961)

I didn't even know he had a show.

You Asked For It (1950)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm Dickens... He's Fenster (1962)

What!? I had the wrong clip posted here for the past four days and nobody even told me? All fixed now, however.

My Three Sons sponsor spot (1966)