Thursday, December 1, 2016

Keefe Brasselle, Jim Aubrey and How the Mafia Seized Control of CBS Primetime

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The story is that of Keefe Brasselle, a lousy nightclub singer with connections to the Mob. The one-time star of The Eddie Cantor Story knew how to cozy up to power and it paid off. He was close with the head of CBS Television, Jim Aubrey. When Aubrey got in trouble with the Mob, Brasselle saved his life. In exchange, Brasselle received three separate television series on CBS primetime in the fall of 1964. Along the way Brasselle was sued, shot at, wrote a tell-all book and had his nightclub burned to the ground. He was arrested for attempted murder when he tried to kill a sitcom writer in the early 1970s - and that's only scratching the surface! There's a lot to this story and it's all yours today for a private donation. Hit the yellow donate button in the top right corner to receive a copy and thanks for your continued support.