Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Twilight Zone with special guest stars Robby the Robot and Richard Deacon (1964)

Classic Television Showbiz fave, Richard Deacon, changes his glasses frames to play the plant manager in this one.

The Twilight Zone with guest Robby the Robot (1963)

The Thin Man with guest Robby the Robot (1958)

If Robby the Robot wasn't the most famous robot in Hollywood history, he was at least the most prolific. After his smash debut in Forbidden Planet (1953), Robby had memorable turns in The Invisible Boy (1958) and, of course, Lost in Space. This might be one of his most obscure appearances. The TV version of the popular film series The Thin Man had Peter Lawford well cast in the William Powell roll and Phyllis Kirk replacing Myrna Loy. Robby the Robot also appeared on episodes of the marginal sitcoms Hazel and The Gale Storm Show, and popped up at varying times on The Twilight Zone, The Addams Family, The Man From U.N.C.L.E, The Banana Splits and Mork & Mindy.
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Alfred Hitchcock Presents with guest stars George Peppard and Peter Lorre (1957)

Mr. Moto crossed with Mr. T?

The Joey Bishop Show (1962) - Footage Offline - 09/13/09

This is not an easy show to find and when I have the chance it is a great pleasure. Just like The Andy Griffith Show, Joey Bishop's sitcom was a spin-off of Make Room For Daddy AKA The Danny Thomas Show. This episode doesn't feature any special guest stars, just the regulars Guy Marks and stooge Joe Besser. Marks probably looks familiar, less for his acting, and more for his many appearances doing stand-up on The Ed Sullivan Show. A DVD of one season of The Joey Bishop Show has been pressed by Questar, a horrible company that releases cheap sets that seem good in theory but get the typical cheap public domain treatment. They remove the opening credits from each episode and slap their own address on the end. They're the kind of DVDs that often get stuck in your DVD player. However, until something better comes along, I remain the sucker that willingly buys them. Watch another episode of The Joey Bishop Show here.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Generation Exploitaiton Podcast #56 - Playlist

I've been doing a weekly podcast for close to a year and a half and it just dawned on me that I should be promoting it on Classic Television Showbiz, as it would probably interest a lot of people who enjoy this site. It doesn't always have much to do with old TV, but in the broadest sense, it certainly incorporates a great deal of show biz.
Listen to it here.

Playlist for Friday, March 14th, 2008.
Listed: Song - Artist - Album

Mr. Yunioshi - Henry Mancini - Breakfast at Tiffany's
Bah-Bah-Bah - The Surpremes - Reflections
Wild Thing - The Baroque Inevitable - The Baroque Inevitable
From Me to You - Ena Baga - The Happy Hammond Plays Lennon & McCartney Hits
Atlantis - Les Baxter - Kaleidoscope
Just a Little While Longer - The Foundations - Baby, Now That I've Found You

A Perfect Day - Jackie Wilson - Jackie Wilson at The Copa

At the Carnival - The Blackbyrds - Cornbread, Earl and Me
Ironside - Henry Mancini - Big Screen, Little Screen
TV Themes Medley - Bill Holcombe Stage Band - '77 Super Sounds of the Seventies
The People's Court - Alan Tew - N/A
N/A - LaWanda Page - Preach On Sister, Preach On
Put Yourself in My Place - The Hollies - Love n' Flowers

Find the archive of previous podcasts here.

The Jack Benny Program with guest star Richard Deacon (1961)

What's My Line - Mystery Guest Marathon - Part Three

Edward G. Robinson:

Ed Wynn:

The wretched Louella Parsons:

Gertrude Berg:

Sal Maglie and Duke Snider :

Dave Garroway:

Richard Widmark:

I Dream of Jeannie with guest star Jim Backus (1970)

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson with guest Vikki Carr (1974)

I Love Lucy with guest Bob Hope (1956)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My World... And Welcome to It with Henry Morgan and Ray Walston (1969)

This rare sitcom had a serious cult following when it aired for one season in 1969-70. Based on "drawings, stories, inspirational pieces and things that go bump in the night" by James Thurber, it featured a lead character scared by real life, who retreated into his drawing board. Sounds sort of like me, except my drawing board is old TV shows on the internet. After NBC got rid of the show, CBS bought it and aired it from May 1972 until September.

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson with guest host Vikki Carr and guests Steve Martin and Doug Sanders (1974)

The first half of this episode was posted earlier this week here. Steve Martin mentioned in his recent memoir that after running out of 'A' material after his first Tonight Show appearances and, essentially, bombing with the sub-grade material he used in subsequent appearances, Carson relegated Martin to appearing on nights featuring guest hosts. Here is a sample of one of those nights.

Get Smart Outtakes (1965)

The Fountain of Youth with guest star Nancy Kulp (1958) - Footage Offline 10/12/09

Did you know Nancy Kulp worked with Orson Welles? Welles made this half-hour drama for Desilu that aired as a brief summer replacement in 1958. It was his attempt to prove to himself, and perhaps the networks, that he could be just as innovative in television as he had been in film. However, it didn't lead to much. If the studios had trouble with Orson, just imagine what it would have been like seeing Welles deal with advertisers who dictated content. Apparently this is one of only two surviving episodes.

Sanford and Son with guest star Nancy Kulp (1975)

This episode introduced Nancy Kulp as a regular to the cast of Sanford and Son. Kulp and Foxx together is a fine, fine combination in my book.

Network Nights (1964)

What was on ABC on a Tuesday night in 1964? Plenty of cartoons!

At seven-thirty, the evening starts with Tang's The Bugs Bunny Show.

At eight o'clock it's the sitcom Bachelor Father. Recently we saw a hilarious episode of Valentine's Day featuring Jack Soo as an Asian lead character who did not speak in pigeon english or take part in any of the other shameful Hollywood characteristics that Asians were forced to portray. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for the part Sammee Tong was made to play in the Bachelor Father. His role as the slow-minded houseboy may have been what led to his suicide later in 1964 (okay, it was actually gambling debts).

At eight-thirty it was another cartoon, this one a bit more offensive, removed from the air due to some vocal protests. Calvin and Colonel was basically an Amos n' Andy soundtrack paired with splendid nineteen sixties TV animation. The cartoon was written by some of the people responsible for Leave it to Beaver and The Munsters. A nice glimpse into a serious rarity.

Watch the whole night's worth here.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Password with guests Carol Burnett and Peter Lawford (1963)

The interesting film Johnny Cool featuring Joey Bishop, Mort Sahl and a cast of other interesting characters is referenced several times in this entertaining episode of Password.

The Merv Griffin Show with guest Evel Knievel (1985)

The David Letterman Show (1980)

You Bet Your Life with special guest Frankie Avalon (1961)

Cop Out (1977)

An un-aired game show pilot that moves like molasses.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Batman with guest stars Vincent Price and Alan Hale Jr. (1967)

Phil Silvers on The BBC (1959)

Watch Part Two here.

That Girl with guest star Murray Roman (1967) - Footage Offline - 1/14/09

Counterculture comedian Murray Roman made only a handful of appearances on television outside of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. He appeared in an episode of The Monkees, an episode of Batman and an episode of That Girl. He took that TV money and bought a lot of reefer and LSD. Murray Roman was a fascinating character who released the most experimental comedy LPs of all time. I was quite pleased with the cast of characters I had a chance to interview for my article The Forgotten Murray Roman, which I vainly encourage you to read, if you haven't already. Of course, I don't mind if you bypass the article for the transcripts of the interviews themselves (I feel like I am making grammatical errors here, but I'm not sure):

Tom Smothers on Murray Roman
Steve Martin on Murray Roman
Bob Einstein on Murray Roman
Mason Williams on Murray Roman

Murray is the horn-rimmed sporting bowling alley employee. This episode also features a brief appearance from a young Rob Reiner who joined Murray shortly after this as a writer on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.

The Twilight Zone with guest star Nancy Kulp (1962)

It's all Nancy Kulp all the time here at Classic Television Showbiz! Nancy appeared on the March 9th, 1962 episode of The Twilight Zone titled The Fugitive.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson with guest host Vikki Carr and guests David Hartman and Michael Landon (1974)

The Dick Cavett Show with guest Robert Altman (1971)

My Favorite Martian with guest star Alan Hale Jr. (1964)

It always feels weird watching The Skipper appear in a 1960s sitcom other than Gilligan's Island. It just seems so adulterous!

The Frank Sinatra Show with guests Elvis, Joey Bishop, Sammy Davis Jr, Peter Lawford and Nancy Sinatra (1960)

LikeTelevision Embed Movies and TV Shows

Password with guest Danny Thomas (1962)

Dragnet 69 (1969)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Larry King Live with guest Don Rickles (1987)

Father Knows Best (1956)

Margie (1961)

This rare sitcom aired for one season on ABC and is not related in any way to the superior My Little Margie. This was set in the 1920s, but other than references to Paul Whiteman and Rudy Vallee, you wouldn't know it.

Dragnet 68 with special guest star Ann Morgan Guilbert (1968)

This has to go down in history as the episode of Dragnet with the least amount of action. Nothing happens. A minor crime occurs right at the very end just so the whole show isn't a total write-off. It's actually quite amusing thanks to the deadpan comedic talents of Harry Morgan. It also features a surprise turn from Millie, the neighbor on The Dick Van Dyke Show. Turns out she was also Detective Gannon's neighbor!