Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Colgate Comedy Hour (1953) ) - Footage Offline - 05/23/09

Will Jordan always insisted that he invented the Ed Sullivan impression and that anybody else who did Ed was just doing an impression of Will Jordan doing an impression of Ed Sullivan. He also states that those people are assholes. However, as we will see in this footage, it may very well have been Jerry Lewis who invented the Sullivan impression. The Ed Sullivan Show had previously been known as The Toast of the Town, hence the name given to this satire with Martin & Lewis.

The Ed Sullivan Show with guest Totie Fields (1967)

Ed Sullivan was a great supporter of comedians and a big comedy fan even if he was himself, awkward, obstuse and unfunny. Notice a few things about this footage. First, it's awesome. Second, the laughter seems to be slightly off during certain points - almost doesn't always fit - as if it was altered prior to airing. The end of her act also seems abrupt, so I'm assuming it has been edited. Lastly, notice the orchestra playing lightly underneath the last half of her act. If a stand-up comic did that today, they'd be quickly dubbed an "alternative comedian."

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson with guest host David Letterman (1979)

Handwhistler Ben Brenner is the guest in this segment. After David gives it a try, an annoying between monologue joke gimmick was born. Much like David's "Hey, hey, kids," the ol' hand whistle he does here became a regular staple whenever he felt like it on Late Night with David Letterman.

Rusty Warren interviewed by Tom Leykis (1987)

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson: The Great Comedians of a Generation (1992)

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson with guest Emmanuel Lewis (1984)

Friday, November 23, 2007

90 Minutes Live with Paul Soles and David Letterman (1978)

Presumably Letterman was in Toronto to do stand-up when he made this appearance with the voice of Peter Parker and Spiderman in the old Krantz/Grantray-Lawrence cartoon, Paul Soles.

Up Close with Tom Cottle with guest Andy Kaufman

The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder (1980) ) - Footage Offline - 05/23/09

The introduction to the first episode of The Tomorrow Show that featured Rona Barrett as co-host.

To Tell the Truth with guest Gene Roddenberry (1977)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Morning Show with Jack Paar (1955)

So we've seen David Letterman and Bill Cullen host early morning programs, and let's continue with that theme now with Jack Paar. Pay attention to the news segment and hear the broadcaster mention an explosion in England stating, "It wasn't Puerto Ricans or anything like that..."

The David Letterman Show (1980) - Footage Offline 2/15/08

A couple clips from the hard to find, and notorious, Letterman morning show.

The Bill Cullen Show (1953)

Morning television has never really graduated beyond such pointless pablum, but you gotta love Bill Cullen, truely the epitomy of an American television broadcaster. He had the look, the voice and just the right mix of wit and corniness. Also, Milton Delugg was a real underrated figure in music and showbiz history. Insiders knew his name well, the public not so much.

The Price is Right with Bill Cullen (1961)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson with guests Bob & Ray (1977)

A great clip and interesting too. Pay attention after the sketch when Bob mentions that his young son Chris Elliot is "trying to be an actor."

Decisions, Decisions (1977) with panelist David Letterman

Late Night with David Letterman with guest Mel Blanc (1982)

I have a new and much faster computer so I'll be trying my damnedest to increase the amount of posts you get on the site each day. Here's number three for this swell Tuesday. You'll hear Letterman mention after the commericial break that Hunter S. Thompson was also on this episode. Hunter S. Thompson and Mel Blanc sharing one green room! No wonder this show was such a cult hit once upon a time. Don't forget to check out Mel and company talking about the life of Jack Benny on Merv Griffin over here.

Alex Trebek Outtakes

Here's another winner that you can file in the same department as the Siskel & Ebert gem, the Orson Welles debacle and the Martin & Lewis classic. Trebek bloopers - heelarious.

The Gong Show with guest panelist Steve Martin (1976)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks introduced by Johnny Carson

Not sure what television program this appeared on, but the LP Carson holds up at the start of the clip was released in 1961.