Monday, March 10, 2008

Make Me Laugh with guests Garry Shandling, Gallagher and Billy Barty! (1979)

What a dumb show. No wonder they hate us.

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Anonymous said...

I remember how fresh Gallagher seemed when he first came out. Hard to put a finger on what exactly made hime stand out as a new comic. His sight gags were
already a staple with older comics like Rip Taylor. His self-deprecating humor was a staple way back when. I think he just fit the zeitgeist of the late 70's, like Steve Martin. In the self-indulgent, somewhat wacked-out times, someone absolutely ridiculous like Gallagher just fit
in. You didn't have to think much while watching him, and his gags were short, fast, and furious.
I saw him live a few years ago, and he didn't have that same manic energy, but who does when age kicks in. HBO finally put him on the map, and he ended up being one of the most well-remembered comics of his time.