Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The 1969 NBA All-Star Game (1969)

Listen, around clip eleven or twelve i messed up and accidentally embedded the same clip twice (perhaps three times - maybe it's late - maybe i'm drunk celebrating the success of that Tonight Show article posted on WFMU) instead of the one that should be there. You're surely smart enough to double click and find the necessary clip if you actually need it. You think i'm gonna go back into the mess of HTML code to fish it out and replace it, well sir, you're being down right ridiculous. Just wanted to point out that this was sponsored by a cigarette company, an oil company and an insurance company - the three corporate genres that have resulted in nothing but absolute moral good in the America of today.

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Anonymous said...

The winners got $500 each. The losers $200.

Hilarious. The tickets to an All Star game cost more than that now.