Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Very Funny Side of Pete Barbutti (1966)

Pete Barbutti was/is a really funny guy and like Jack Sheldon and Steve Allen (and in one horrific instance, Eddie Harris) was simultaneously a comedian and jazz musician and great at both. This is a surprisingly hard to find LP.


J. Sterling Ellison said...

This cat used to appear regularly on Carson's Tonight Show, no? Even well into the eighties?

Jeremy said...

Goldmine Record Price Guide says the same thing which is good enough for me to give him a listen or two.

J. Sterling Ellison said...

After hearing this, I checked out his rather novel website at:

One quickly discovers, however, that despite his MANY appearances on TV over the years (the guy was nearly UBIQUITOUS there for a while!) nobody can agree on the pronunciation of his name! The various hosts will either say it like Bar-BOOTY or Bar-BEAUTY. You'd think Pete woulda straightened them out at some point! At any rate, thanks for this record CTS!