Sunday, June 29, 2008

Captain Kangaroo with guest Joan Rivers (1978)

"A comic I admire very much, Joan Rivers, did one of my pieces on The Tonight Show just recently. I couldn't believe it, because it was a bit I'd used regularly for years. I said, 'When my mother was pregnant with me, she carried me very low. In fact, for the last few weeks my feet were sticking out.' And my follow-up, which Joan also used, was, 'However, she did tell me it came in handy on stairs.' Theft is one of the risks you run when you buy material, and I'll bet Joan bought that joke . . . Now that I've said this in public, I guess I'll find out." - George Carlin, 1982

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Unknown said...

Been looking for the Joan Rivers clip in hero performance as "Patty Pickle. Thought i'd finally found it here. Sad to see both clips have been removed. Any suggestions for where it's available for watching and sharing? Was such a great gem!