Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Trailer for The Love God? (1969)

My favorite Don Knotts film was written and directed by Nat Hiken, creator of Sgt. Bilko. Another great Vic Mizzy soundtrack in this one too.

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Anonymous said...

Don showed some slick moves there starting around 3:05. Lifelong Don Knotts fan here, favorites movies were anything with Don Knotts, growing up. Ghost & Mr. Chicken my favorite.
Found your blog on a Knotts search. You got some real cool clips. Loved the Knotts Dodge truck movie!
Had to leave a comment after getting that darn peacock song stuck in my head since I first visited last week.
I actually have the Ghost & Mr. Chicken soundtrack on cd, always Vic Mizzy's works. Thats not so bad actually, but I actually cassette taped the knotts movie soundtracks with a clunky 70's tape recorder next to the tv back when I was a kid in the 70's.(I was also the only kid in 6th grade to know the dialogue to all the Monty Python shows back then too, which I also taped on audio, so you can get a gauge on my eclectic personality).