Saturday, January 26, 2008

1956 Democractic Convention on CBS sponsored by SPUD Cigarettes

Since it's election time for our friends in the USA (well, not really, it's still ten months away, but you'd never know it watching American news) I thought this would be appropriate. This CBS news special was sponsored by Westinghouse and Phillip Morris. Westinghouse eventually became the owners of CBS for a brief period before deciding their energies were best spent focusing on nuclear weapons. Enjoy the fun as we watch Walter Cronkite, Edward R. Murrow, and other CBS news legends in action as integration is the hot topic in a contentious South vs. North battle within the Democratic Party.

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Anonymous said...

Westinghouse did not rid themselves of CBS to concentrate on nuclear weapons. Michael Jordan, the company president at the time, was so enamored of being a broadcasting mogul that he sold off the defense and power generation businesses. He then changed the company name to CBS, but retained the rights to the Westinghouse name. CBS and Viacom later teamed up further distancing CBS from Westinghouse.