Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Mike Douglas Show with guests Henry Morgan, Kaye Ballard and The Great Yonely (1964)


Mike Doran said...

As a kid in Chicago in the early '60s, I remember an early-morning kid show called Susan and The Professor. Susan was a local kid actress I had a kind of crush on , and Yonely was the Professor, doing musical humor while (almost) never saying a word.
It took a lot to distract Puberty-years me from Susan, but Professor Yonely was funny.

Later on, Yonely turned up on many of the prime-time variety shows, and always scored big laughs.
I'll never forget Dean Martin introducing him as "Mister YO-nelly".
It was winter of "68 when I heard he'd been killed in that plane crash.
I really miss his funny - nobody does that sort of stuff anymore.
To his offspring who posted these clips:
Your Dad did good.

Lenbenhear said...

Thank you for preserving a mostly long-forgotten comedy genius. He was one of a kind. Like Prof. Irwin Corey, and Brother Theodore, and Ernie Kovacs.
professor len hummel