Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Generation Exploitation Podcast #73 - The SEXploitation Podcast!

It's a buncha filthy, dirty, filth this time round!

Listen to the latest episode here!


Sexy Ida – Ike & Tina Turner
That Makes It! – Jayne Mansfield
Jungle Fever – The Chakachas
My Attitude Towards Sex – Xaviera Hollander
Please Please Me – Santo and Johnny
Sweet Peter Jeeter – Rudy Ray Moore
Benihana – Marilyn Chambers
I’m a Man – The Spencer Davis Group
Ice Man – Willie & Rising Dick
Theme From Deep Throat – Tony Bruno
Sex is Fun – Rusty Warren
Sex Machine – James Brown
The Hitmen – Dolemite Soundtrack
Teach Me Tiger – April Stevens
Music to Watch Girls By – The Billy May Orchestra
Music to Watch Girls By – Andy Williams
Music to Watch Girls By – Natascha Snitkine
Lay, Lady, Lay – Mike Melvoin
Easy to Be Hard – Three Dog Night
Let There Be Drums – Incredible Bongo Band
Girls – The Beastie Boys
Sexe – Line Renaud
It Ain’t the Meat – The Swallows

Incidental Samples From These LPs:
Teacher Talks to Teens – Barry Moore (1967)
Sex and Your Daughter – Dr. Sims (1972)
Sex Explained For Children (1970)
Medical & Social Aspects of Venereal Disease (1971)
Sex For Teens – Where It’s At (1970)
Sex Instruction For Your Children – Truth Records (1960)
Preach On, Sister, Preach On - LaWanda Page (1974)

The Ed Sullivan Show with guest Totie Fields (1965)

Truth or Consequences (1966)

Monday, September 14, 2009

What's My Line with interesting guest (1961)

Okay, watch this segment first. Then go here and maybe here. Crayzeeee.

Dumont Midget Wrestling (1949)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Dayton Allen Show (1960)

This syndicated lecture short is from The Dayton Allen Show. The following interview excerpt came from here. I might try post his obscure comedy LP (naturally titled Why Not!) in a couple weeks.

DAYTON ALLEN: My book "Why Not!" did even better! I got an advance of $2500 and never saw another penny.

GEO: The book came out about the same time you created your own little syndicated TV program -- in 1960. It was a five-minute drop-in of you giving some sort of nonsensical lecture. How many of them did you make?

DAYTON ALLEN: 130. I had two partners: Stan Burns who was a writer on Steve Allen and another guy named Allen Sandler who had a film library. We'd lock ourselves in a hotel room and write a bunch of them and then go shoot them over at KCOP, the public broadcasting studio in Hollywood.

GEO: It seems odd that you were working so much in LA, but you continued to live in New York.

DAYTON ALLEN: Yeah it was something about my head, I couldn't do anything about it. It was just pure stupidity that just festered and grew until it became enlarged stupidness.

GEO: How many stations picked up the Dayton Allen Show?

DAYTON ALLEN: We were in 26 markets in the US and it was a big hit on the Armed Forces television.