Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Adieu Alouette (1972)

Although Classic Television Showbiz primarily hosts footage of what you woulda seen on American television (and therefore Canadian television) growing up, there's plenty of Canadian stuff here and they're equally as fascinating and, if you grew up in Canada, very nostalgic. NFB films of varying lengths were used as filler between shows for decades on Canadian television. Some of them are brilliant, many amazing, some ridiculous. All are time capsules of a Canadian landscape that has long since been replaced with gaudy Wendy's restaurants. The song that opens this show is ridiculous.

"Adieu Alouette was a series of 12 half-hour films produced by the National Film Board, intended to revise stereotypes of Quebec for English Canada. In the wake of the October Crisis of 1970 and during a period of rising Quebec nationalism, the series offered a survey of Quebec culture instead of politics."

Superfriends (1973)

Miss Canada Pageant with host Jim Perry (1973)

The Parent Game (1972)