Saturday, June 25, 2011

The George Gobel Show with guest Faye Emerson (1954)


mrgoberg said...

Have you got any footage of The Faye Emerson Show with Skitch Henderson. My mother worked as a script girl on that show and I'd love to see an example. I understand that Christopher Walken was used in live commercials and as a dancer in musical numbers as a child on the show. True?

Michael Powers said...

What a phenomenally fantastic idea to find an old round-screen television set for this. It's really weird but they have one at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria here in NYC and I'd been thinking about it for some reason all day! What a bizarre coincidence. They should've stuck with round screens, of course they're infinitely more pleasing to the eye, instead of masking them to square them off like a movie screen, etc. Gobel had a kick-ass writing staff. Jack Douglas!! You know, when Gobel was at his height, more or less around this time, he starred in a movie with David Niven as his second lead, believe it or not. Niven's career was way down at that moment; according to his autobiography, I think he said it was because of his post-WW2 Commando ego getting the better of him. Supposedly, Niven was one of the original Commandos, like something out of the Sgt. Fury comics. I see they cast Sam Jackson as Nick Fury in the movies, by the way. I wish they'd cast an African-American as Thor!