Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Storybook Squares with celebrity contestants Wally Cox, Stu Gilliam, Soupy Sales, Arte Johnson, Charlie Weaver and Paul Winchell (1969)

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I was starting to think I had only dreamed this show! I even remember the parade of "stars" at the end! Thanks for linking to these clips.

Storybook Squares lasted for only one season as one of the very few Saturday-morning live-action shows of that time. My main memory of it is having to miss watching it so many times because in the season it aired, my local school district closed for a long stretch of time due to a budget shortfall, which was finally remedied by passage of an emergency levy. When school resumed (I was in third grade), we had to go to school on Saturdays for quite some time to make up the days we'd missed. This meant we missed all the Saturday-morning shows. An experience a kid never forgets!

Funny how the "squares" on this show included not only fictional story characters but historical figures and TV-show characters. And, for whatever reason, Charley Weaver as...Charley Weaver!! LOL. I think Charley was the first person whom it seemed to me was famous for nothing other than being himself.