Saturday, October 9, 2010

Password with celebrity contestants Carol Burnett and Alan King (1964)

There is something irresistible about the first incarnation of the word association game Password. The ingratiating squareness of Allen Ludden and the sounds of a narrator saying "The Password is nasty." The soothing audio of that beeping score count and, in this episode, two charming comedic guests. This episode of Password is one of the most fun I have ever viewed. The inexplicably endearing program is one of the few game shows I can watch without feeling like I am wasting my life.


Kevin K. said...

Whenever I was kept home from school due to illness, I always made sure to watch Password. You hit it on the head -- it was far more charming than its later, color versions. (Color took the charm out of TV, if you ask me.) I had the "home version" of Password, and in my head I always heard the announcer softly intone my word.

Mick A Design said...

And let's meet the lady contestant:
"What does your husband do?"