Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Wheel of Fortune with guests James Brown, Little Richard and Weird Al Yankovic

Is this really "classic" showbiz? Yeah, I guess it is. This seems sort of like a dream you might have. Not in the "dream come true" sense but more in the "I was teaching a sheep how to tap dance last night" kind of way. Notice how the board has the word ASS on it.


dan said...


Anonymous said...

wouldn't you call billie holiday a jazz singer?

ajm said...

Weird Al told an interviewer that during the practice game before the taping of this show, James Brown asked for an "A."

"Sorry, James," Pat Sajak said, "that's a vowel. We need a consonant."

The Godfather of Soul thought hard for a momemt. "Okay," he said, "...Europe!"