Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Hollywood Palace with Don Knotts (1967)

Don Knotts appears in this episode of The Hollywood Palace, a Saturday night variety show that aired on ABC each week with a different host. It is remembered best today as the show that The Rolling Stones made their American television debut on. When the Stones returned to perform later that season controversy ensued when Mick Jagger got mad at Dean Martin for making jokes about their music. They refused to perform their second scheduled musical number in protest. Here the musical guests are forgotten psych-rock group The Merry-Go-Round. The show lasted from 1964 to 1970.

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MessengerBoy said...

They don't sound too bad, but the lip syncing drives me crazy. I mean, do you see any cords for the instruments or microphones? I'm pretty sure wireless technology was either non-existent or way to expensive at that time. How horrible must that have sounded in the studio? And those screams have got to be a track, right?