Sunday, September 9, 2012

Record City starring Jack Carter, Larry Storch, Leonard Barr, Gallagher, Frank Gorshin, Alice Ghostley, Ed Begley Jr, Sorrell Booke, Ruth Buzzi, Ted Lange and Kinky Friedman (1978)


A Moose said...

Wow, what a great cast!!! Ironically I was doing a youtube search for Leonard Barr the other day, this didn't show up. Got insprired watching "The Sting" on TCM.

Leonard was in another ensemble comedy "SkateTown USA" ( that was twin billed with Xanadu at the Castro Theatre a couple years back) . Something tells me that I'll spend a better 90 minutes watching this movie than I did yesterday watching "The Words:

ajm said...

One of the greatest works of modern man. Thanks for posting this.

Booksteve said...


And this was produced by one-time CBS Prez Jim Aubrey who, according to various books, raked Judy Garland over the coals for the inconsistent quality of her TV series in the sixties.

Goes straight to my short list for worst movie ever made!