Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Adventures of Superman (1957)

"It is perhaps a commentary on our souped-up way of life that something dedicated to the kids of our time can be turned out on an assembly-line basis with little or no heart deliberately injected into the proceedings. An A.A. Milne could sit down at his leisure, turn his thoughts to the happy-faced little tykes of his era, and then lovingly pen his stories about Christopher Robin and Sir Edward Bear and Roo. Superman, with a five-films-in-two-weeks shooting schedule staring it in the face, has no time for such airs. The button is pushed, the script ground out, the cameras turn and another Superman film is finished." TV Guide, September 25, 1953


wordsmith said...

Whoever wrote the TV Guide piece obviously never read "The House on Pooh Corner" or "The Portable Dorothy Parker"; for a fun and incisive review of the former, I recommend the latter.
Thanks again, Kliph.

Tom Ruegger said...

I liked this episode! Very colorful, good Jimmy Olson comedy, and directed by Superman himself! And boy, is Lois' hair red or what?!? Now please show the one where Superman is impacted by kryptonite and must hypnotized and levitate Lois into a floating horizontal position to prevent the walls from closing in and crushing them both. Now that's entertainment!