Friday, April 2, 2010

WABC Eye Witness News (1980)


Anonymous said...

I was once outside a Manhattan eatery when I heard someone yell "BILL BEUTEL!" Astonishingly, it was the TV newsbiscuit himself, who was headed toward the doors with a young posy in tow while conducting a nonstop monologue that went, "I hope they don't make a big fuss over me here because I am BILL BEUTEL! I hate when people stop and asks for autographs just because I'm BILL BEUTEL! and so on. He must have bellowed his name about half a dozen times while walking less than 100 feet.

Anonymous said...

Beutel's son Peter is an oil trader on Wall Street.

I worked with Storm Field when he went to Channel 9.

Storm is the son of Dr. Frank Field from WNBC and The Today Show.