Saturday, October 24, 2009

WKBW Halloween Evening Programming (1973)


Neal said...

I got the chance to listen to WKBW's version of "War of the Worlds" in a media class in college. As a kid, I always thought people in the 30s had to be pretty stupid to fall for the hokey Orson Welles' version, but after hearing WKBW's version with all the modern trappings of Top 40 radio, I had a new perspective. WKBW's show felt very real and quite chilling, just as Welles' version must have to people of that day. An internet hoax with cleverly made streaming video could have the same effect today.

Unknown said...

Grew up in Western N.Y with WKBW on my transistor radio . Top 40 and fun.
No martians.

Dale said...

Excellent! I need to link to this for my WNY Facebook friends..