Friday, October 2, 2009

Behind the Scenes of Late Night with David Letterman (1982)

Well, now that we've seen behind the scenes of David Letterman's personal life, let's go back to the first month of his late night tenure. A shoulder camera captures a behind the scenes look at Late Nite.

Oh heck, while we're at it let's get a bit trashy and take a look at one of the girls David was apparently hooking up with. Some regular visitors to the site might wanna skip the rest of this altogether. I understand. Anyway, This video features one of the women in question, Stephanie Birkitt. Stephanie was the roommate of the purported extorter Joe Halderman. Presumably that is how he had possession of some scandalous material. I thought Letterman's 10 minute explanation last night was fascinating and riveting. A real Jack Paar moment, one for the ages.

Sorry for venturing into near-tabloid fare this morning, but I find the whole Late Night Saga of 2009 rather fascinating and this just makes the year even crazier. This is the only thing I'll say/post on the matter, but if you wish to follow the story in a high-brow manner, getting your news but dodging the tabloid stuff, then follow Aaron Barnhart, the man who used to write the marvelous behind-the-late-nite-talkshow-scenes newsletter The Late Show News. His twitter feed is here.


Chris Brown said...

Its sick when people do these type of things I hope that everything works out for him and his wife.

constant gina said...

How are you going to walk into a bank and expect to cash a 2 million dollar check?? bad move, idiot deserved to get caught.