Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pitfall (1981)


Pitfall was a Canadian game show that aired in American and Canadian syndication from September 14, 1981 to September 1982. The host was Alex Trebek and the announcer was John Barton (who also served as co-producer). The show was filmed at Panorama Studios in Vancouver and produced by Catalena Productions, with distribution provided by Rhodes Productions.

Catalena Productions, which also produced the short-lived 1980-1981 syndicated revival of Let's Make a Deal, went bankrupt before the end of Pitfall's run. As a result, most contestants who appeared near the end of the run did not receive their winnings (a problem that also affected winners on the original 1987-1988 Lingo and The Reel to Reel Picture Show in 1998), nor was Trebek ever paid for his hosting duties. Because of this, Trebek called the show "one of the great tragedies of [his] life" and keeps the bounced check for his salary framed on a wall in his home office. Trebek also commented that he found it ironic that the only time he has ever been stiffed was by his fellow Canadians.

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Andy Hayward said...

For a short while, the Gameshow Network in Canada aired another of Alex Trebek's short-lived gameshows called Double Dare. I think it only ran a year before being cancelled. It was an interesting yet somewhat confusing show.