Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Garry Moore Show with guests Nat King Cole and Carol Burnett (1961) - Footage Offline - 12/10/09


Anonymous said...

I always find Garry Moore to be very interesting. He had an incredibly long career -- about 30 years in the public eye. Yet, he didn't seem to have any noteworthy talent. (Not particularly funny, not a singer, no memorable catch-phrase of other schtick.) And, about 5 seconds after his last TV hosting gig ended (To Tell the Truth), he was forgotten.

His entire career seemed to center around being a very pleasant personality.

And, what's wrong with that?

Kliph Nesteroff said...

Moore's claim to fame and to endurance was his strength as a great straight man. And like most straight men in showbiz history, people mistake a skilled straight man as a person with little talent who just happens to be surrounded by talented folks. Garry Moore got his big break as Jimmy Durante's straight man on radio.

Now Derwood Kirby on the other hand...

Anonymous said...

Two claims to fame in terms of things to be remembered for.

1. He was the first one to wear a burmdua short suit....white shirt, tie and all.

2. A story he told about his son. He started to enter his son's room where the son and several of his friends were gathered. He overheard his son make the comment "Easy greasy....there is a fungus amongus"....and phrase that caught on and was used widely for a while.

He may have disappeared quickly from the lime light...but forgotten, I doubt it as he brought pleasure to many people, way to many to have been forgotten.

I was in a gathering just last week where Derwood Kirby and Gary Moore was being discussed....and interestingly, Derwood Kirby was the focal point of the discussion.

Amazing isn't it?

Anonymous said...

And lest we forget.... The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show's use of Mr. Kirby.
The pair often chased a roaming hat--The Kirwood Derby