Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Joey Bishop Show with guest star Bobby Rydell (1963) - Footage Offline - 09/13/09

Here we have the season premiere of season three of The Joey Bishop Show, which originally aired in color. If this show is such a dud, and it is considered as such by every book on sitcoms and old TV I've ever picked up, how did it manage to last four seasons!? Still, it's an always fascinating curio... in small doses. This one is far better than most as Joe Besser's obnoxious and unlikable character doesn't show up and ruin the whole thing as usual. You can watch a couple more episodes of this sitcom by clicking on The Joey Bishop Show tag below.


petesmom said...

I loved watching this episode on You Tube with Bobby Rydell. I was very upset when it was taken off. Could you tell me if this is avaliable on DVD? If not would you know when? I just have to have this for my collection.


Bob Bourne said...

This episode is not available on DVD. The second, color, season is on DVD but it was not put together very well.

Bob Bourne said...

This person sells bootlegs. They might have it. Ask them.

petesmom said...

Thanks for your reply. I tried Amazon & they only have season 2 which I thought the episode might have been on.I bought that but was disappointed. I'll try there again. I also may check into your second suggestion. If it's not really good quality that's fine. The main thing is Bobby is in it.

Please if you happen to find it for sale at any time please keep me in mind.

Oh, one more thing. Do you have any info on "The Facts of Life" season 8. Bobby was in an episode of that too with Fabian. I also would love that on DVD too.

Thanks again, Petesmom