Thursday, November 25, 2010

Complete Day of Broadcasting - Radio WSJV - September 21st, 1939

Here we have an entire day's worth of radio from beginning to end, just as it aired from start to finish in 1939. It's split into 19 separate mp3s.
Listen to the beginning
Find the rest of the day
Here's the schedule for what you'll hear on the air today:

6:30am Sundial with Arthur Godfrey (music)
8:30 Certified Magic Carpet (quiz show)
8:45 Bachelor's Children (soap)
9:00 Pretty Kitty Kelly (soap)
9:15 The Story of Myrt & Marge (soap)
9:30 Hilltop House (soap)
9:45 Stepmother (soap)
10:00 Mary Lee Taylor (soap)
10:15 Brenda Curtis (soap, featuring Agnes Moorehead)
10:30 Big Sister (soap)
10:45 Aunt Jenny's True Life Stories (soap that Bob & Ray loved to parody)
11:00 Jean Abbey (news for women)
11:15 When a Girl Marries (soap)
11:30 The Romance of Helen Trent (soap)
11:45 Our Gal Sunday (soap)
12:00pm The Goldbergs (comedy)
12:15 Life Can Be Beautiful (soap)
12:30 Road of Life (soap)
12:45 This Day Is Ours (soap)
1:00 Sunshine Report (news)
1:15 The Life & Love of Dr. Susan (soap)
1:30 Your Family and Mine (soap)
1:45 News
2:00 President Roosevelt's Address to Congress (speech)
2:40 Premier Edouard Daladier
3:00 Address Commentary (news)
3:15 The Career of Alice Blair (soap)
3:30 News (news)
3:42 Rhythm & Romance
3:45 Scattergood Baines
4:00 Baseball: Cleveland Indians at Washington Senators (sports)
5:15 The World Dances (music)
5:30 News (news)
5:45 Sports News (news)
6:00 Amos and Andy (comedy)
6:15 The Parker Family (comedy)
6:30 Joe E. Brown (comedy)
7:00 Ask-It Basket (quiz)
7:30 Strange as it Seems (true stories)
8:00 Major Bowes' Original Amateur Hour (variety)
9:00 The Columbia Workshop - "Now It's Summer" (drama)
9:30 Americans at Work (true stories)
10:00 News (news)
10:15 Music (music)
10:30 Albert Warner (news)
11:30 Teddy Powell Band (music)
12:00am Louis Prima Orchestra (music)
12:30 Bob Chester Orchestra (music)


Anonymous said...

Baseball games took only an hour and 15 minutes? That was a golden age!

Anonymous said...

Glad you posted this gem so that newcomers to this sort f thing have an idea of pre-TV radio broadcasting. This series of recordings has been around for over 10 years. By the way, the baseball game was joined in progress in the fourth inning due to the coverage of Roosevelt's address to Congress.

L'Atalante said...

In fact, Roosevelt's address, a sign that the US was favoring England in the fast-developing war with Germany, was the reason the station engineers decided that particular day was worthy of being preserved.

I think the only other complete record of a classic radio broadcast day made was a CBS network archive of the full 24-hour D-Day coverage, which repeatedly broke in on regular programming.

ajm said...

Baseball games took only an hour and 15 minutes? That was a golden age!

Eh, the ballgame's joined in progress, so it's just the last six innings or so.