Friday, January 25, 2008

Are We On? - Tim Conway and Ernie Anderson LP (1966)

Today we have a comedy record from Cleveland stars Tim Conway and Ernie "Ghoulardi" Anderson. Conway had performed on Anderson's regional Ohio show Ernie's Place in the nineteen fifties. Many years later, when the two had individually moved to Los Angeles in order to further their showbiz careers, they teamed up to form a comedy team - the one on display on these two albums. They were released a few months before Conway found fame on The Carol Burnett Show, a gig that had a schedule that would no longer allow Tim to continue working with Ernie. Anderson went on to be the voice of ABC for many many years. Listen to a sample of Ernie's voice work here and you can find the hilarious and profane Ernie Anderson blooper mp3 over here.

Listen to both of these comedy albums here.

are we on? Track Listings:
Side One -
Do You Fly Much?
Dr. Herford

Side Two -
Race Car Driver
King Anderson of Parma
The Warden
The Baseball Coordinator
The Swiss Astronaut


Lars Nilsen said...

And of course Ernie's son is Paul Thomas Anderson.

SplashingFun's WaterBlog said...

Ernie Anderson was popular Cleveland horror host "Ghoulardi" prior to leaving the Cleveland area. His cast on 'Ernies Place' included 'Big Chuck' Schodowski, who reinvented the 'Ghouldardi' show with Bob 'Hoolihan: The Weatherman' Wells as 'The Hoolihan & Big Chuck Show', continuing the horror hosting premise, and including countless classic comedy skits into the show.
When 'Hoolihan' left for Florida in 1979, the show was again re-created into "The Big Chuck & Li'L John Show", this time with regular guest "Li'l John" Renaldi co-hosting until the show ended its run this past summer of 2007.

Currently in the planning stages is 'Ghoulardifest 2008', which is held in honor of Ernie Anderson and his character 'Ghoulardi', the 40 years of horror and comedy hosting that lasted in the Cleveland market, which is the longest running show of its kind, and the entire genre that the show has publicised over the years.

Rick L. Phillips said...

I use to have the Are We On? album. Very funny stuff. We all know what happened to Tim Conway. The only place I heard Ernie Anderson was as an announcer for ABC TV from the 70's and into the 80's.

Anonymous said...

This is a real treat for me being a fan of Ernie Anderson & Tim Conway.

The first part of the file containing "Are We On" sounds fine. It's well balanced.

But it appears that "Bull" is a stereo recording and by the sound of the file it also appears that that the left or right channel containing Tim's voice is missing.

Is there any possibility of ripping this again making sure the right and left plugs of the turntable is plugged into your software correctly?

Anonymous said...

The record shown "Bull" with Tim Conway & Ernie Anderson; I've been searching for this forever. You know where I can get this record? Please let me know.


Kliph Nesteroff said...

Yeah, turns out the problem was with the soundboard I was using - it's frayed altogether - a week after I recorded the albums - the whole board crashed altogether and will have to be replaced. It started with one channel conking out - and then the whole thing. I can't re-record Bull! for sometime unfortunately. Sorry about this.

Anonymous said...

Please repost it when you can ok?

Anonymous said...

Interesting fact: are we on? was recorded at Bowling Green State University (Tim is a BGSU alumnus). The school's PBS station (WBGU) videotaped the recording session for a program called "Tim & Ghoul On Campus".

If you're in NW Ohio, WBGU is running the program on its DT4 subchannel this week (daily at 9am, 3pm, 9pm & 3am).

Note: most nights, the 9pm showing will not be seen as WBGU switches off the DT4 channel to reallocate the bandwidth for HD programs.

Anonymous said...

I'm STILL waiting for that re-post of the stereo BUll LP with Tim Conway & Ernie Anderson.

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Joan Fagan-Hoffman said...

Hey all of you Ghoulardi fans, I just wanted to let you know that there is a documentary on Ghoulardi in the works. Here is the blog to follow the progress of the documentary. I should know I've been working on all of the old photo's from the Ghoulardi show and many many photos with Tim Conway in it.

Unknown said...

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