Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The George Gobel Show (1956)

George Gobel is another one of those grand old stars who is today better known for his guest appearances on talk and game shows rather than the act that made him famous in the first place. Gobel was a great stand-up comic with a unique style that is on display on this episode of The George Gobel Show.

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dale said...

Ol' Lonesome George (where DID he get that name, anyway?). A man with a haircut you set your watch to. I love the 12 lb box full of 2 lb boxes. Here this guy is filling out his show mostly alone or with a few props to play off of, and it sounds like alot of adlibbing to me. Todays "comedians" can't be funny for a 10 minute monologue without a huge staff of writers and they go off air for two months. They should do like George and others of their generation did it!