Friday, June 22, 2007

The Ed Sullivan Comedians - Footage Offline - 1/12/08

From various years throughout the nineteen sixties the following performers appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show multiple times ... and many of them became big nightclub stars because of it.
Frank Gorshin:

Ron Carey:

Joan Rivers:

George Carlin:

Alan King:

George Burns:


Anonymous said...

Obviously these are great but I'm wondering if you can help me out. In the mid-seventies I believe there was a live-action Archie Andrews TV show. I think I saw it one night when I woke up and my Mom was watching it. I can find nothing about it anywhere. Was it just a dream?

Bob Bourne said...

Grimmer you are thinking of a live action television special that aired as part of the ABC Saturday Comedy Special. It was just a one-off but I believe was rerun several times. I used to have an ad for it (maybe I still do somewhere) from a comic book pleading for people to tune in. I've never seen the special, but I have seen To Riverdale and Back Again which came 13 years later or so and had Betty and Veronica in lingerie seducing Christopher Rich (of REBA fame) as Archie and another scene where Jughead is seduced by Big Ethel who is a supermodel now, and they enjoy a hot tub scene. It aired as an NBC made-for-TV movie in 1990. Jughead also has a son who breakdances. I own the comic book adaptation of this television adaptation of a comic book. Here's the url for what you're looking for:

Bob Bourne said...

IMDB says that Whit Bissel played Mr. Lodge. He was the very unlikable scientist in both I Was a Teenage Frankestein and I Was a Teenage Werewolf.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kliph! Man, I'd love to see that again!
BTW your link led me to the 'failed pilot' link within the entry. Now many more hours of my life will be wasted.