Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Dean Martin Show with guest Don Rickles (1969)

In this wild footage we see Don Rickles reprise his live act for television. Cleaned up a bit for TV - it was probably edited for time too, but its incredible how long this set is, on somebody else's show. Just shows you how much of a fan Dino was of Don.  This footage features an incredible planted audience of celebrities. In this television studio audience, appearing specifically to participate in this segment, are Don Adams, Danny Thomas, Lena Horne, Polly Bergen, Ricardo Montalban, Barbara Eden, Ernest Borgnine, Jackie Cooper, Guy Marks, The Andrews Sisters, Rose Marie, Bob Newhart, Dom Deluise, Pat Boone, Robert Morris, Pat Collins and several more. It includes a staged cameo from Bob Hope in which Rickles reprises some once-improvised lines from a real-life cameo Hope made at one of his shows.


Guy MacPherson said...

Awesome. That's a great find, Kliph.

theDeanMartinfan said...

can you post this video agian i have been looking all over for it and now that i found it i cant watch it