Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Tonight Show with Steve Allen

Very few kinescopes of The Tonight Show with Steve Allen remain. Most were destroyed by NBC long ago along with most of their historical television archives in order to create more storage space. This footage had previously been assumed lost to the ages. Pretty cool to see - and if you think Skitch Henderson's Tonight Show band resembles the Klan, Steve-orino difuses that situation right away.


Guy MacPherson said...

Video no longer available??? Why not?

Guy MacPherson said...

Well, that's something I didn't need to see. But I'm glad I did. Steverino's style was great. Really relaxed. Probably revolutionary in its day.

What was your comment about the band resembling Ku Klux Klanners? Was that a clip that's not up anymore?

Anonymous said...

"private." but still, presumably, online?