Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson - Commercial Break with Ed McMahon

It seems so long since Johnny, Ed, and Doc graced the airwaves that I'm sure many have forgotten that Ed McMahon used to perform the sponsor's ads right from the set. If Carson Productions has its way, you'll never know it, since they seem devoted to taking a hatchet to all the classic episodes and releasing them on DVD edited to bits. They should really take a look at the success SHOUT! Factory has had with their Dick Cavett and Tom Snyder sets that leave each episode at its full length, in the same format they originally aired, blemishes and all. Johnny Carson's estate has full control over all aspects of these shows with the exception of some musical rights so this shouldn't be a problem. Okay, enough ranting, here's Ed talking about Kellogg's.

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