Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Jerry Lewis Show (1969)


Unknown said...

I have vague memories of watching and enjoying this as a kid. I've read "reviews" of it online, and I was prepared for the worst. So much of what I've read has portrayed this variety series from the late 60's as another Jerry Lewis fiasco (like his earlier ABC series, which Lewis himself admits was a mistake). But, watching it as objectively as I could - what's so wrong with this? As far as 60's variety/sketch shows go it's pretty atypical - and there's a lot of fun stuff here. The dark nightclub setting (sort of like Flip Wilson's set or Sonny and Cher's)was probably a mistake - it's too dark, this sort of thing should be lit brighter. Some of it works, some of it doesn't - that's showbiz! There's still more to enjoy here than in most seasons of Saturday Night Live, or in 98% of what passes for entertainment on Comedy Central! I think JL has always suffered from an unearned backlash. Out of dozens of movies he made a few clinkers, but is undeservedly raked over the coals for them. Meanwhile, any number of contemporary comics make one stinker after another and the audiences just accept the punishment...And another thing -- you kids get off my lawn! With your hair and your music...Okay, that's all, thanks for posting this! Great website!

Dave Konig

Benovite said...

I firmly agree as to Jerry Lewis' undeserved bashing over the years. Not only was he funny, but a pioneer when it came to actual movie production. Then again I was raised on Jerry Lewis and Benny Hill(another legend that gets no love - at least in his home land of England). And as I write this..Jerry's still with us!

Anonymous said...

Not as bad as most of the stuff that Lewis did - but that's not saying much. Even at this late date, he was still trying to be Dean Martin. Don't sing, Jer!