Friday, May 2, 2008

Amazing Grace starring Moms Mabley (1974)

This film also featured legendary African-American showbiz figures Slappy White and Butterfly McQueen. It was written by Matt Robinson, one of the Gordons from Sesame Street and voice of Muppet Roosevelt Franklin. Hey, you know what? I uploaded a bunch of audio from Moms Mabley comedy records on Chess and Mercury for a seperate article last year - and you can listen to it in all its splendid glory here.

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Pete.Moss said...

Moms Mabley's technicolor 70's appearance is better than any phake, phony, phraudulent 2010 CGI hallucination today's producers are regurgitating, including nightmarish drek like "Avatar." If I wanted to experience today's nightmare cinema, I'd take a boat load of Adderral, a gallon of coffee and have my own real, honest to God nightmares. Where is Ray Harryhausen when you need him?