Monday, April 28, 2008

The Frank Fontaine Show (1955) - Footage Offline - 5/17/09

I think this was probably a pilot in the mid-fifties, hence the lack of sponsor spots on what looks like a raw piece of film. Fontaine, staple of The Jackie Gleason Show, could not hold a show of his own - especially with canned laughs and no writers. At least, it seems as if it has no writers.


Anonymous said...

Frank Fontaine was very talented but by himself. He always needed a partner to play off of. In radio he did hs routines with the help of a staff announcer and a supporting cast. In this show, without The Great One, he looks like his is seriously missing someone or something.

Anonymous said...

Is there a link to download this album? FAI (For Anyone's Information) Frank's son was (is?) a bartender at the Four Season's hotel bar in Mission Valley, San Diego. Album covers lined the walls. I haven't been there for about 8 years.