Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The New Price Is Right - Pitch Film

The Price is Right first debuted on television in 1956. It lasted until 1965 and had been very popular during its initial run. In 1972, Mark Goodson had a plan to bring a primetime version of the show to CBS to be titled The New Price is Right. In order to sell his idea, he put together this pitch film. Goodson succeeded and the show became what it is today. However, watching this film, I don't know how anybody could have been sold on it. Looks pretty fucking boring if you ask me.

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Darth Chaos said...

It should be pointed out that the pitch film includes very primitive versions of two current pricing games. The concept of using scrambled numbers to figure out a price evolved into "Ten Chances", while the "Cut Price" format of choosing two prices to equal a set amount evolved into "Take Two".