Friday, December 11, 2015

People Now with guest host Fred Willard and guests Frank DeVol and Ian Whitcomb (1982)


Mark Murphy said...

"A completely forgotten talk show."

Actually, I remember it, though I can't say I watched it regularly, my schedule having been what it was.

I believe this was Mike Douglas' last hurrah. I don't know why he left. Somehow I had the impression that the brand-new CNN was a smaller pond than what he was used to, and maybe he didn't like that, but I could very well be wrong; of course, I'm trying to recollect something from more than 30 years ago.

I did like Bill Tush and still do, though I don't see him around anymore. He also had a low-key, under-the-radar weekly comedy show called "Tush" on TBS (the title graphic included a caricature of him). It had an ensemble cast, including Jan Hooks -- the first time I saw her, and even then you could tell she was someone special.

After "Tush" went off the air, I saw him doing feature stories for CNN. After that, he seemed to disappear. I did see him a few years ago as he talked about Ms. Hooks after she died. He still seemed like a nice, funny guy. (Maybe another interview possibility -- as if you're not probably booked up already....)

Jonathan F. King said...

Willard, DeVol, and Whitcomb? Thank you, God!