Thursday, February 18, 2016

Press for The Comedians: Drunks, Thieves, Scoundrels and the History of American Comedy

A large selection of television appearances, radio appearances, podcast appearances, magazine write-ups and newspaper reviews concerning my new book The Comedians: Drunks, Thieves, Scoundrels and the History of American Comedy.

Morning Edition - Outtake

Morning Edition - Interview 

The Dana Gould Hour

Los Angeles Review of Books

Longform Podcast

E Talk Daily

New York Review of Books

Montreal Times


Radio KSFR

Huffington Post interview

Boston Arts Fuse

Radio KTRS

The David Feldman Show

Toronto Star's The Gist

Opie and Jim

The Globe and Mail

The Marilu Henner Show

Radio WGN

Radio KPCC 

The Denver Post

The New York Times

WTF with Marc Maron (New episode!)

The Washington Post

Montreal Gazette

Jewish Daily Forward

National Post

The Buffalo Sun Times

Alamo Drafthouse's Birth Movies Death

USA Today


CBC Radio - air broadcast (28:00 mark)

CBC Radio - web exclusive


Wall Street Journal review by Merrill Markoe

Global Television


Macleans Magazine


The Examiner

South China Morning Post

The Best Show with Tom Scharpling  (62 min mark)

Keith and The Girl 

NPR - New York - The Leonard Lopate Show

NPR - Los Angeles - The Larry Mantle Show

NPR - Dallas - Think with Chris Boyd

NPR - Las Vegas - State of Nevada

NPR - San Francisco - California Report

NPR - KCRW - Los Angeles

Dallas Morning News

Los Angeles Magazine

Metro News


Dangerous Minds interview

Dangerous Minds chapter excerpt

LA Weekly



The Milwaukee Journal 

The Walrus Magazine

Vice Magazine 

Mark Evanier

Kirkus Reviews - review

Kirkus Reviews - interview

Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast

The Village Voice


Occasionally Awesome

Portland Mercury

Vegas Seven


Word Balloon

Last Things First

Booksteve's Library

Roundhouse Radio 

Radio WDVE (27:20 mark)

Deep Dish Radio podcast 

Podpit UK podcast

WTF with Marc Maron - 2014 (14:55 mark)

WTF with Marc Maron - 2012

Dagens Nyheter - Swedish Press

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Best of the Year Lists:


24 News

LA Weekly

National Post

Los Angeles Times

Huffington Post

Chicago Tribune

Bob Odenkirk


Your Pal Doug said...

I was invited by Robert Smigel to go, and I messed up. Robert said it was fun. Thanks for paying tribute to him. Was this recorded? I'd love to hear or see it. I was Robert's Your Pal Doug from the Comedy Central show and also involved the early Smigel Comedy group years.


gog magog said...

love you man, love your work... but...
I don't like white text on black background. you should try animated gif background with yellow text. /kidding
but seriously. look into a different layout. the black background white text thing bugs me.
i read it all anyways so.. fuck me.

gog magog said...

also I sent marty allen a gif i made of his face changing into a troll doll... fucker blocked my email... i didnt even know you could do that... and it was a HOMAGE!
(he was on "Celebrity Cooks w/ Bruno Gerussi" and said himself he often gets mistaken for a troll doll. the asshat... Hello dere? see ya later!

gog magog said...

& who is the 80s comedian who dressed like a baby sat in a highchair and threw spaghetti at his face as he lipsynched to opera records played at 78 rpm? i cant remember his name.

Tom Ruegger said...

Loving the book.

P. 13 -- Harry Rapf was an MGM producer, not screenwriter. His son Maury Rapf was a screenwriter. Either might be the source of the Beery/Healey story.

Major Pepperidge said...

I am in the middle of reading your incredible book. What an amazing history, what amazing personalities! Those guys suffered for their art, which makes me love them (in a way) even if they rubbed elbows with the mob, drank like fish, or were borderline sociopaths.

Now I have found this blog, and I am absolutely blown away... I need to go back and read every entry.

Thank you for your fantastic work!

Unknown said...

No Gilbert podcast interview?

Karen Hart said...

I am currently reading your book, the comedian's. On page 45 you mention that we can hear the last Harry Einstein roast on this website. I can't find it. Can you help?

Karen Hart said...

I am currently reading your book of the comedians. On page 45 you mention that we can hear the audio of Harry Einstein's last roast appearance on your website. I can't seem to find it. Can you help