Friday, September 26, 2014

WAGA-TV - The Mr. Pix Show (1968)

a regional children's host can't hide his contempt, but he does throw it to a lot of Looney Tunes cartoons.


Chris Sobieniak said...

Now I know how the Weird Al character must've felt in "UHF".

Wonder if this was a Saturday morning program (the host mentions Scooby-Doo came on next so this would've been from 1969 or later).

Unknown said...

My God, Dave Michaels is Phil Hartman!

Mitcharoo259nh said...

Good Lord! This was painful to watch. The host had zero percent humor, and couldn't relate at all with these poor children.

Anonymous said...

Zen and the art of balloon stomp.

Mr. Pix, 1968ish and the mythic balloon stomp.

Around age eight I was chosen to participate in the balloon stomp. A ten by ten square was taped off with a load of kids inside with a balloon tied to each kid's ankle.

I quickly surveyed the field and determined I had zero chance of winning. I made my way to a corner and hung my ballooned ankle outside the square as the carnage ensued.

One kid was a maniac and took out the majority of the field. We ended up as the two survivors. On the final stomp he destroyed my balloon in a millisecond.

As winner he was awarded a modge podge set (some kind of artsy thing). As runner-up I received a huge tugboat that could spew out smoke as it chugged along. I could not get to the bathtub fast enough.

Did not attempt to pop a single balloon.
I would like to think Mr. Pix might have recognized the internal work displayed as he chose and presented the awards.