Monday, April 21, 2014

An Evening with George Schlatter hosted by Kliph Nesteroff featuring Redd Foxx, Groucho Marx, Bill Cosby...

Tuesday, April 22, 2014, I will be presenting an onstage interview with George Schaltter and screening footage not seen in over forty years. 

George Schlatter created Laugh-In, but he also worked at Ciro's nightclub in the 1950s, produced The Judy Garland Show (until he was fired), booked The Riviera in Las Vegas, was with Jonathan Winters when JFK was assassinated, hired the first African-American director in television history and worked with every comedian from Richard Pryor to Jacques Tati, George Carlin to Peter Sellers, Jackie Gleason to Buster Keaton, Lily Tomlin to Doodles Weaver.

Join me at The Cinefamily theater in Los Angeles for a live version of the kind of interview you've come to expect here on Classic Television Showbiz. A detailed and elaborate conversation with one of the greatest story tellers in all of show business - George Schlatter. 

We will screen three rare specials produced by George Schlatter from his personal vault.

Tickets are now on sale.

We will be screening The New Bill Cosby Show from 1973 featuring the Quincy Jones Orchestra and guest star Groucho Marx.

We will be screening Soul - the 1968 all-Black Laugh-In spin-off featuring Redd Foxx, Slappy White, George Kirby, Joe Tex, Lou Rawls, The Chambers Brothers and (Gregory) Hines, Hines and Dad.

And we will be screening T.C.B. - a  1968 Motown special starring The Temptations and Diana Ross & The Supremes.

Bonus Just Added: 1964 B&W Film Footage produced by Schlatter and shot by Albert Maysles of Jackie Gleason's train trip from New York to Miami - a 48hr on-the-tracks party featuring Gleason, Frank Fontaine and Steve Lawrence.


Kevin Dougherty said...

Damn. Too effin cool.

John said...

Man! Wish you could wrangle up a deal to release all 3 shows on DVD along with your conversation.

normadesmond said...

i'd come if i weren't 1700 miles away. might you explain why TCB has never been released on DVD?

yellowdoggranny said...

fickled finger of fate..