Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Ed Sullivan Show with guest Eddie Schaeffer (1966)

Some comedians rattled off a joke every fifteen seconds.  Eddie Schaeffer rattled off set-ups every fifteen seconds.


Anonymous said...

worked with him in 1980 at the Diplomat Hotel in south Florida -- the hotel's attempt at cashing in on the comedy club craze.
They called it the Comedy Corner and teamed Eddie with two young comics.
The Miami audiences loved his patented nostalgia-for-the-old-days shtick.
Indeed, I still remember his killer hunk, the "brown soap" and Boraxo gag he does in the Sullivan clip.
I remember thinking "That's not even a joke."
Eddie and the audience didn't pay much attention to the young comics.
We were forced on him and and I remember him not being very cordial.
Wasn't just generational, but clearly a stylistic shift in material.
He did know his audience, though.

Tom Ruegger said...

wow -- not a chuckle in sight! Stupefying!