Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Danny Thomas Wonderful World of Burlesque with guests Milton Frome, Martha Raye and the Three Stooges (1965)


Michael Powers said...

So the continuous question that has bedeviled all mankind since 1958 once again escapes final resolution: Was Joe DeRita, even for one second, ever funny? You can go through his three pre-Stooges 1946-47 Joe DeRita short subjects and the sundry '60s Stooge theatrical features searching in vain for a truly humorous moment that he personally provides. That having been said, I love the Stooges, all six of them as well as near-Stooge Emil Sitka. But not Ted Healy.

Tony G. Pizza said...

He was funny enough. All he had to be was cute and sweet enough for children. He played a huge part in the Stooges' 60s revival.