Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson with guest host Freddie Prinze (1977)


Michael Powers said...

Prinze was only about 23 if the date's right on this and it's the year he killed himself; if not, he was even younger. I never liked him at the time but he seems okay to judge from this clip, oddly enough. Too bad Jackson or whomever called the shots at that moment (maybe his father) chose a ballad instead of something more up tempo for him to sing.

Wonder what Prinze would be up to now had he not knocked himself off with a pistol over a prostitute.

ajm said...

Freddie was born around the same time as Jerry Seinfeld, so he'd probably still have a prominent career today.

Anonymous said...

Freddie was depressed over monetary issues, not his hooker soon to be ex-wife. He knew she was a mistake. He was distressed because she was going to take everything from him. She and her lawyers were planning to wipe him out clean, AND take his son.