Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chatter's World (1960)

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Mike Doran said...

OK, Kliph ... where -
- and even more importantly, how -
- did you dig this one up?

I was 9-10 years old in 1960, when WBKB-channel 7, the ABC ststion in Chicago, ran this on Saturday mornings.
This film was one of a series of shorts that ran two per show.
The rest of the show was done live.
Ronny Born, who did funny voices on ch7's kid shows, would stand at a mike off-camera and adlib, while Chatter would be turned loose on some kind of set; Ronny had to keep more or less to the set-up while following whatever Chatter was doing. Murray Hill was the on-camera straight man, pretty much at the shared mercy of Chatter and Ronny.
I'm guessing that the live stuff is all lost, but I'm a little jolted to see that at least some of the film has survived.
And, after all these years, I'm abashed to realize ...
... I still remember the song.
All of it.

God help me for remembering ...
... and God help you for making me remember!