Monday, November 5, 2012

Here's Lucy (1968)

This is what it looks like when sitcom writers stop caring.


Clarkx said...

Lucy made her clueless husband, Gary Morton, the executive producer. It was his job to buy scripts. His sense of humor was so stupid, the writers quickly learned it was no use knocking themselves out. He'd buy any crap they threw at him. This episode is a good example of just how bad this series was.

Lance said...

Milt Josefsberg (co-writer of this episode) was certainly one of the greatest comedy writers of all time. Not sure if the above characterization about Morton and the show are on target but there are certainly a lot of apparent constraints on this show (including the awful kids, etc.) that couldn't have made the job easy.

Ben said...

I had not seen many episodes of "Here's Lucy" before it was released on DVD, and while I have enjoyed seeing the show I can certainly give two words that is missing from this series: Desi Arnaz. This is not a slam on Gary Morton, but Lucy wanted Gary to be another Desi and sadly he was not. If anyone needs an example just look for episodes of "Life With Lucy."