Sunday, June 17, 2012

Here it is Burlesque starring Morey Amsterdam and Pinky Lee (1979)


Steven Thompson said...

Almost saw this show when it came to Cincinnati in 1979. My dad had been a big fan of Ann Corio from way back, I was 20 at the time and thought it would be a weirdly interesting father/son thing to attend. Something happened, though, and we ended up not going.

I remember seeing Pinky Lee and Ann Corio on local talk shows that week, though. Much fun!

Darren Nemeth said...

Is this on home video?

If so where is it available??

I am serious! :)

Anonymous said...

I watched this when it was on HBO and I had it on video but I no longer have it and I am trying to find it again to purchase it. I watch the skits on youtube but there is one in particular that I cannot find and it was the funniest of all of them. Can anyone tell me where I might find this in its entirety.