Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kraft Suspense Theater with special guest stars John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands (1965)

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Michael Powers said...

Gena Rowlands was still every inch a beauty at age 35 back in '65, enabling her to play, a couple of years earlier, movie leads like Kirk Douglas' favorite, "Lonely Are the Brave," and television episodes like "She Walks in Beauty" on "Bonanza," in which Hoss Cartwright falls for an unscrupulous whore and figures he can change her, which is often man's lot although usually not in circumstances quite that stark. Haven't watched this one yet except the first few moments of it, in which the exquisite Rowlands is depicted enthusiastically scat-singing to deftly discourage channel-changers at the beginning of the show. Works for me except I just watched "Checkmate" for an hour so I'll postpone this one. Very nice post, however. I will say that she looks a lot more like herself in "The Notebook" than James Garner looked like Ryan Gosling. Well, she doesn't look as good as Rachel McAdams but neither does anyone else. That's a confusingly cast film, by the way, with two characters who look like a young Garner, neither of which play younger versions of Garner's character. Gosling looks less like Garner than I do.