Thursday, February 9, 2012

Interviewing the Interviewer: Radio CFRO speaks with Kliph Nesteroff

What is the purpose of speaking with old show people and studying America's cultural past? Radio CFRO recently spent 90 minutes with Kliph Nesteroff getting the answer to this - and other pressing questions of our time. Listen here.


Tom said...

great listen. Your impressions were spot on. Keep up the great work Kliph!

Anonymous said...

Kliph, that 90-minute interview flew
by like an hour and a half! No, seriously, great material, and I'll buy the Jack Carter book when it comes out!

Sam Kujava

Sid Montrose said...


Even though I don't share your affinity for Jack Carter, at least now I understand it.

Very informative interview. I think you must be half kidding with the 'I'm a fraud' business. Your level of knowledge is impressive even if only acquired moments before an interview.

Mort Sahl would be quite a get. His public persona makes him out to be at least as weird/vane as any of your most challenging interviews to date. And Jackie Mason; I vouldn't wish that on a rag picker .

Keep it up!